Demain's Volunteers

The Festival is a meeting place, a home for actors of the circus industry from all over the world to meet once a year.
Two years ago, we had the opportunity to welcome the founders of social circus projects who came to the Festival to present their charity work and to help us understand the problems that they are facing.

Through our discussions with these project founders, we realised that these social circus schools are in need of volunteer trainers but that they find it very difficult to recruit them.  The Festival, which has existed for 40 years, unites a community of former artists numbering nearly 3000 circus artists.  As such, we realised that thanks to our connections with the circus artist community, we would surely be able to lend a helping hand to these social circuses.  Thus the Demain’s Volunteers project was born.

The social circus projects, being non-profit organisations just like the Festival itself, unfortunately do not have the means of paying the expenses involved in welcoming these volunteer artists, hence the initiative of launching a crowdfunding campaign to cover the costs of the volunteer’s travel and training.

Find out more about Demain’s Volunteers below.

MORE about the project on ULULE 

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