Where are they now #8

Jérôme Sordillon
35th Festival

Jerome presented his straps act at the 35th edition of the Festival. “Back then, I thought I was ready! But I really am now! I physically was, indeed, but I would be better artistically today.”
Nonetheless, he made quite an impression, in this year 2014, when light casted the hands and arms of this tall-intensive-gaze lad. He showed the wide breadth of his talents, and convinced his audience that a body can say everything when words don’t. Before catching the straps, he already told the beginning of a beautiful story. Gently. We remember what’s happening next, his crosses, HIS famous walk… And his Jérôme’s signature climbings :  body perfectly straight but always moving slightly, tilting his head or gently bending his legs…

For 2 years now, Jérôme has been playing the lover on ice in the Crystal show of the Cirque du Soleil.
“Playing on ice was a big challenge. We had to work a lot on the fluidity of our movements, and on a perfect stability. Looking for a different balance, without stumbling, was one of our goals, one of the biggest difficulties. My partner is on ice-skates and I’m on crampons. She wasn’t used to air lifts as I wasn’t used to ice. We learnt.
I am much more at ease now, but there isn’t any routine. I have 3 different partners in this duo: they don’t play the same way, they don’t weigh the same weight, and they hold my hand differently… And all these thousand other little things that the public can’t see, but which make me adapt to the three of them!  
Every time I get on stage, I try to create a new story. For the audience, I’m meeting the girl for the first time. Love must be credible. That’s the story of this duo… Everything is based on tenderness, with a multitude of little moments when the slightest movement, the most subtle is important: we touch, we don’t, we look at each other… A smile, half a smile, everything counts, even what can’t be seen!”
“Normally, the Crystal adventure should stop in a year.

I will then focus on Les Ailes du Désir, a circus school I’m taking care of in Miami: another story from the Festival: one day, I received a call. A circus-passionate Quebecker, Claudine Choquet, had seen my video at the Festival, and wanted to create a circus school in Miami, with unprivileged children: I took a plane straight to Miami… Unprivileged children that we could help with the circus, it’s obviously a project that moves me.
And voilà! The school is created with a post-graduate section… A Training School! I hired lots of friends for teaching sessions like Kyle Driggs or Thomas Mangin… who both have been performed at the Festival”.

“And since you’re asking… If the circus was a person, I would tell him: you took me out of the trash, to stay polite! I could take you in my arms, without you, nothing would have happened… I wouldn’t have done all these trips… I wouldn’t have met Morgane !  (Morgane Tisserand and his partner Pierre-Antoine Chastang, duo Emotion, were rewarded with a silver medal at the 35th Festival, in a dance trapeze act) ...”
All my life is based on the circus. I worked a lot, but that’s easy when we’re motivated. I was so determined! I was a gymnast, I became an artist: the difference is the emotion”.

Florence Douroux


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