The exhibitions of the 38th Festival

Benjamin Georgeaud

As a young French sculptor, Benjamin Georgeaud works mostly around and about the human body to create powerful pieces. He generates bronze sculptures where life seems to be really always there, His interest for circus founds a perfect justification in his way to interprete this kind of movment which belongs only to acrobats. Fascinated by the sculpture work since he is a child, Benjamin Georgeaud participates to many exhibits in France and in Europe. He is also a teacher et shares his experience with a lot of students. He won the Bronze Medal of the French Artists Society in 2012.


Havana National Fine Art Academy artists

Founded in 1818 by the French painter Jean-Baptiste Vernay, the Havana National Fine Art Academy had trained generations of plasticians since two centuries. Initially setted in the San Alejandro convent, the academy is now located in a large building built during the 1940. It’s the oldest institution in this field in Latin America. Drawing, engraving, sculpture, jewelry and graphic arts are among the disciplines provided for the students. Creativity is always encouraged, sustained by a global program of courses which helps the future artists to be free in their own creation and to become original and talented. The paintings you will discover on the wall of the Festival Gallery have been all created by young artists from the Havana Academy. They reflect different sensibilities, but they share the same inspiration source : the circus.

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