Words of artists

Circus artists! You are the ones speaking in this book.

We admire you, we applaud you, but often we know very little about you.
In the course of our encounters, you confided in me with sincerity and precision: who are you, you who have decided to dedicate your lives to the incredibly demanding art of the circus? Our conversations uncovered the reasons behind your choices, your states of mind when you come to deliver the fruit of your work and research before our eager eyes.
Am I an aerial acrobat? Am I a flyer? Am I a juggler? Why? How?

‘Un Vaisseau de Joie’ retraces your ‘confessions’ in the chronological order of our encounters.
It tells the story of your doubts and your enthusiasm, it tells your story.
This book is meant for all of you who have spoken, and for you too, circus aficionados of the world, all those who are fascinated by artistic intimacy and the creative process. And finally, for all those who love the circus and its artists.

This vessel, I hope, will invite you to join the adventure.

Florence Douroux.

19,90 €

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at our office in Paris 17

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