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Darya Vintilova

Gold medal of the 27th Festival in 2006
Guest of the 35th festival in 2014
Jury member of the 40th Festival in 2019.

Ultra chic in her long black dress, radiant in bright red, or beaming in ‘Saltimbanco’ blue, Darya Vintilova marked the Festival with her presence on three separate occasions.
She is currently performing in ‘Joyà’, an immersive Cirque du Soleil show happening in Mexico, where she tells us about her ‘Paris story’.

‘The first time, I was very young - 16 - and I had come with my act in Saltimbanco. It was of course Victor Fomine who was holding the line. I wasn’t expecting anything in particular, I was there to enjoy myself and do my best.
And I won the gold medal! I couldn’t believe it when my father came to give me the news! I only ever realized what had happened once I had the medal around my neck!
I went on to work with Cirque du Soleil for five years. After that, I made my own path for several years. I wanted to rework my technique. Trapeze techniques had evolved during that time (the stunts, the belt, the weight of the trapeze…). I wanted to follow that evolution. But not only. I wanted to reflect upon the world around us - performing with more awareness and connection became a need, an objective.’

‘When I came back as a Guest, things were completely different. I had rock’n’roll look, a powerful music, and a very expressive act. I had integrated all of these changes.
It was me, Darya Vintilova on the trapeze, and with a message: keep fighting for your dreams, never give up.
In this act I speak of passion, dreams, love, the here and now - I am intensely present to fully live the moment for which I had worked so hard.
Furthermore, there was the war in Ukraine. I received feedback from people who said they had seen my act and that it had filled them with courage. A Ukrainian on the trapeze had touched them! We never know what impact we can have, but this time I understood something. I had managed to convey hope.
What a shock!

I then asked myself how I could come back to Paris and further my relationship with the Festival… When I saw that some former performers were part of the jury, I said to myself: why not me?
I’ve performed in many festivals and often asked myself how things worked on the other side of the table! And my turn came for the 40th edition.
Luckily, I didn’t know any of the artists personally. Because it’s important to be honest - no one should receive any favors. You find yourself sat alongside people who you respect and with higher status. It’s important to do a good job. It was a privilege to be at that table.
There were of course those who caught my eye more than others, but I appreciated everyone and I believe that each one of them has a bright future in front of them.
I have magical memories of that week. It’s a dazzling immersion into the beauty of the circus.

I’m not going to lie: if I could come back…
My philosophy: Onwards! Move!’

Florence Douroux


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