Where are they now #5

Dorian Lechaux, Ronan Duée
37th Festival

Risk is their creed.
Humour is their humor.
Yes, they would love to change the world, but they have to wait! So, instead, they tease each other to awake, reveal and transform themselves. We’ve recognized them.
Ronan pedals away on his unicycle, Dorian interferes. It was on the stage of the 37th edition of the Festival.
Ever since… Their company Puéril Péril is going to celebrate its 5th birthday, and beats on.

With their show BANKAL, Dorian and Ronan have begun a weighty summer tour, with more than 60 performances between May and October.
Standing on their red stools, they defy gravity in increasingly improbable, risky and impertinent ways. It’s the theme.
‘We get on stage to experiment new risks, create a genuine tension in the audience, and then bounce on it!’
Dorian is the talkative and provocative one: ‘I’m nervous and reckless, I play with anything unexpected!’
And Ronan, of course, balances. He is calm and discrete.
‘When he speaks he whispers! But careful, he’s the one who brings forth the other’s folly, he feeds it… It feels like he’s carrying the weight, but no, it’s the other way around.’
Two sturdy characters, who affirm and confront themselves all along this BANKAL, in which the stools of their challenges collide and pile up to match their audacity…

And here comes l’AUTRE, a four-people show, with Mathis Der Maler, versatile live musician and creator of the score, and Rachel Salzman, the multidisciplinary acrobat: the banquine and the cyr wheel chime in with the unicycle and the lifts.
‘This time the true risk is in the theme - the story is very dark…’
There’s a lone man, with a rope around his neck. It’s Patrick, aka Ronan, who decided to end it.
But it was without counting on this Other, “l’Autre”, aka Dorian, who comes out of nowhere, enigmatic, insolent… A rope around your neck, not bad, but… ‘You can do better!’ he hurls at the desperate man’s face.
Dark humor, irony, but not only: underneath all the sarcasm lies the desire to help. Because ultimately this Other’s only goal is to pull the poor man away from his dark path, from a bad choice.
‘Of course by the end the audience will have all the answers… they will understand why he was about to do it…well, let’s say they will know…almost everything!’

Is everything going the way you want with the company guys? ‘Absolutely!’

‘Absolutely’, because Puéril Péril enjoys quite a success, and can proudly say that the company can globally make a living for its members.
what else ?

Florence Douroux

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