Where are they now #7

Tim Kriegler
39th Festival

It was almost yesterday! Tim Kriegler came to show his stylish mastering of the straps at the 39th Festival.
Since then, he passed many a milestone - notably a silver medal at the New Generation Festival of Monte Carlo - aiming for his goal: never lose the course, never lose himself in a routine, but keep progressing, traveling and discovering.

Tim is now the head feature of Markus Pabst & Pierre Caesar’s latest show: “The Little Prince of station 7”.
In his hospital room, a child refuges himself in the reading of his favorite book. With Saint-Exupéry’s hero, he dreams and flies.
This is a poetic tailor-made leading role for Tim, where he merges acrobatic skills and acting performances. Where he shows a formidable combination of slow movements - so dear to him - and impetuous tornado like sequences.
He is “the little” of the story…
“It’s a twelveish boy who escapes in his favorite fiction every time he’s a bit down. This necessary parallel world becomes another reality, which he’s actually dreaming of adapting in a play with his hospital friends.
I am this little Moriz. A genuine challenge for me, because I can only imagine what he’s feeling and try to make his emotions credible and authentic.
Explore the ways giving access to this panel of expressions is a really beautiful experience… especially since I’m speaking on stage, for the first time in my life, and I love it!”
Speaking he does… with his head down low, and a hospital white clothe, he talks about his suffering… And rebels. His voice is loud and clear, we are with him, in his legitimate sick child’s anger.
“The end particularly moves me: I get asleep - but I’m actually dying - and my last words are : I’m leaving… I’m going back on my planet… And you’ll hear my laughter…
It is not that sad, I know my Little Prince and his small world of the station 7 will keep on going without me!”
A fireball of light shines at the back of the stage, a celestial music fills the air, dark chords and arpeggios crescendoing, reflections of a leaving soul… It’s time : the young man goes away, very slowly, inevitably aspired from the top, in a gentle rotation.
A toast-to-life-crescendo - it’s the theme - because this little one transcends the existence.
As he promised, he is back in our memories and in our hearts… In a a dimmer blueish light, this acrobatic Little Prince pauses and starts again, takes space, flies and rotates again and again… And comes back. There he is. 

More elegant than ever, Tim combines virtuosity and simplicity.
There is no doubt that he is now mastering the slid up split trick, initiated 3 years ago. And that’s not the least of his talents. 

You must go see this Little Prince before he flies away on another planet. And one of them is a wish: work in a Canadian company.
You’ve been warned. 

Florence Douroux


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